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Why Clarify? Buildup Stunts your growth

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The products that used to work perfectly on you suddenly do not seem to work or feel the same way anymore? Or does your hair feel greasy, dull, limp, lifeless?


Then, maybe it is time to clarify. Clarifying is like a reset button on our hair and scalp. It strips off any dirt, grease and creates the shine and volume. However, this does not mean that hair clarifying should become your new obsession? Well, it is great for a reset but can be damaging if done excessively.


HOW? Using a clarifying shampoo is similar using any other shampoo. Instead of your usual shampoo, use the clarifying shampoo instead. WHEN?

Clarifying once a week is a better frequency but ultimately clarify as needed.

- If you use light weight products, water soluble or maybe no products at all that week, then you can stretch your clarifying days, until you feel you need to.

- If you use heavy creams, gel, oil or anything that is not water soluble, you should consider to clarify weekly.


AVAILABLE IN LOCAL STORES * INAHSI Soothing Mint Clarifying Shampoo@ManeheavenSG

* Any sulphate shampoo (Only to clarify. if you are not strict on CGM. Yes, I do cheat on this whenever i run out of clarifying shampoo).


NATURAL CLARIFIERS * Bentonite clay * Apple Cider Vinegar * Baking soda * Lemon/Lime water


1. Deep condition after clarifying your hair. I usually follow up with a deep conditioner instead of my regular conditioner.

2. Too much of clarifying can leave your hair dry, rough and stiff.

I am not a strict Curly Girl Method follower(CGM). I do a modified version and add or remove certain products from my list accordingly to how my hair reacts to them. Some products here are not CGM approved. So if you are strict on CGM, do on the ingredients using



Founder @Curlyheavensg

Co Founder @Maneheavensg

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