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Which Styling Product To Get?

Research, Experiment, Track

Finding the perfect styling product that works on us has never been easy. We have several different hair types and curl patterns on various sections of our head. It is like looking for products for three to four different people all at once.

Everyone’s hair is going to need something different when it comes to products. Mixing a few things and experimenting helps you find out what your hair requires to look its best. It is important to find the right product combo for your curls, meaning you need to consider your hair's texture, porosity, density, and curl pattern when shopping for products. Remember to track the ingredients and the results with the products as you go. This is very important as you will never be able to recall how your hair looked last week compared to today. I can't even remember what I had for dinner last weekend, these days.

WHAT ARE SOME COMMON STYLERS USED? LEAVE IN CONDITIONERS / HAIR MILK: Think of them like a cream, but lighter. Most curly hair tends to be dry. This acts like a primer to hydrate your curls before you add in a cream, gel or mousse. If your hair is not on the dry side then you can skip this. Texture is usually thinner than enhancing and activating creams. CURL ENHANCING/ACTIVATING CREAMS: Curl creams come in all forms and can do anything from hydrate, define and style. Pick your product based on your hair density. A thicker texture cream for thicker strands of hair. Look out for the ingredients. Butters and waxes are heavy generally. CUSTARD / PUDDING / BUTTER: They are like a hybrid between cream and gel. The results depend on the ingredient in them. They can be hydrating, defining or give a good hold. Generally, they can be heavy. Not recommended for fine hair but works well for other hair types, medium to coarse. MOUSSE: Mousse is really great for my hair which is fine in texture. However, it does not hold as much as a gel would. Mousses help plump up strands and add volume. Scrunch into wet hair and let dry; It will dry a bit crispy at first but wait until the hair is completely dry then scrunch out those curls(SOTC) to break up the crisp and fluff out the hair for volume. BOMB results here always for me! GEL: Gels can be great for all types of curls, depending on the product ingredients and texture. It is great for hold, definition and texture. Use gel on wet/damp hair. Also, emulsify/dilute the product on palms before applying OIL/SERUMS: With textured hair natural oils do not make it from the scalp to the hair ends. So oils or oil-based products are always going to be the. Whether it is a serum or an oil, it will depend on your hair thickness. You don't want to use a really heavy type of oil on fine hair because it will weigh it down. Try to remember it this way: the thicker the hair, the thicker the oil you use. Usually, oils and serums are used as the last step to seal moisture in or scrunch out those curls (SOTC)

HAIR DENSITY: FINE HAIR: Keep your routine simple and light. Do not layer on multiple products or use too much of any single product. It will weigh down the hair and make it lethargic and appear thinner. I have fine hair too and my hair tends to respond well to gel or mousse as they are lightweight. It help to hold the curl together. Steer clear of rich, thick products that will flatten and weigh down your curls.

MEDIUM TO THICK HAIR: Tends to do well with oils and creams as it helps add weight and decrease frizz. Layering products will help compact, define, and weigh curls down (in a good way). COARSE OR SUPER THICK HAIR: Responds really well to hair masques followed by creams and pomades, things that really intensely moisturising. Coarse hair demands thicker products that can match its density to work effectively. Look for rich textured creams, thick, hydrating gels.

TIP: - Find a curl influencer that has your same curl pattern and try out the products they use. - Research on ingredients. This helps you understand why some products work differently on you. Author:


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