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Rizos Curls Hair Pick Comb will become your new best friend for styling your curls with extra volume!  It's designed larger than most hair pick combs at 7"x3" to give you more coverage when fluffing your curls.  Not only that, but it's made in a Luxe Pink Speckled Acetate material that looks beautiful & will last a long time!


  • Larger size than most hair pick combs for extra coverage & volume!
  • The long comb teeth are perfect for fluffing & detangling your curls!
  • They allow extra coverage for reaching your roots when fluffing curls
  • Luxe Pink Speckled Acetate material 
  • White Rizos Curls logo
  • 7" x 3"


Suggested Use: Use as final step in Wash N' Go to fluff Curls & create extra Volume! After your Curls have fully dried, use this hair pick comb to fluff your curls upside down, gently separating the hair from the scalp at the root & creating volume.

Rizos Curls Pink Hair Pick Comb

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